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..."personal responsibility is dead"? Anybody know if this is true
(the source wasn't given)? I wouldn't doubt it, but it sure is sad...

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Yeah, this has been on the news here. Brandy has said that, ever since
the tobacco industry lost the lawsuit against them, anything is fair
game now. Will beef be next?

It started in the Garden when God asked Eve, "What have you done?" And
Eve said, "It was that darned serpent. He deceived me!" If it had
been today she would have filed suit against God for not putting a
warning label on the serpent - "Warning: This creature will probably be
hazardous to your character."

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'Milk-A-Holic' Sues Dairy Industry, Claims Milk Is Addictive

SEATTLE (AP) (c) -- A self-described milk-a-holic is suing the dairy
industry, claiming that a lifetime of drinking whole milk contributed to
his clogged arteries and a minor stroke.

Norman Mayo, 61, believes he might have avoided his health problems if
he had been warned on milk cartons about fat and cholesterol.

"I drank milk like some people drink beer or water," he said. "I've
always loved a nice cold glass of milk, and I've drank a lot of it."

The federal lawsuit names Safeway and the Dairy Farmers of Washington
as defendants. Mayo wants Safeway to put warning labels on all its dairy
products, and he wants similar warnings on all dairy industry ads and

"If tobacco products can be required to have warning labels, why not
dairy products?" said Mayo, a former smoker. "I think milk is just as
dangerous as tobacco."

He's also seeking reimbursement of his medical expenses and unspecified
compensation for personal injury.

"It's my opinion that the dairy industry's to blame," he said. "They
push their dairy products without warning you of the hazards."

Since his stroke three years ago, Mayo drinks only nonfat or skim milk.

Neither Safeway nor the state dairy farmers has responded to the

"I'm pretty sure we would plead not guilty and suggest this is without
merit," said Blair Thompson, a spokesman for the Washington Dairy
Products Commission.

Jon Ferguson, a lead counsel in the state's lawsuit against the
tobacco industry, said likening milk with tobacco was silly. Milk, he
noted, is not addictive.

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