Ernie's Rules of War.

I Find Karma (
Wed, 11 Jun 97 18:21:44 PDT

A golden oldie, now part of the FAQ.

1. Know your Objective
What you want
What you fear
What price you are willing to pay

2. Know your Self

3. Know your Enemies / Friends as yourself
Any fool loves his friends and fears his enemies;
The wise love their enemies and fear their friends.

4. Know the Rules and their Cost

5. Know your Environment
Where you can be, what you can't see
Where you can go, what you can't do

6. Know your Mistakes and Own your Decisions
War is about Justice, which is worth Killing.
Peace is about Mercy, which is worth Dying.

Of course, Dr. Ernie claims these have been revised,
but I haven't seen the new version.

may be the only paper ever to reference Dr. Ernie, RonR,
JoeK, and DanZ, but not Rohit...


The wise love their enemies and fear their friends.
-- Ernie's Rules of War

Is THAT what "Friends of Rohit Khare" is for... helping
Rohit overcome his fears?
-- FoRKer who wishes to remain anonymous