Re: W3C plans Internet privacy specification

I Find Karma (
Thu, 12 Jun 97 09:37:33 PDT


Not only that, but Educom says Microsoft plans to endorse it, too.

> With a Microsoft executive saying "This is unprecedented, but we
> realized that we need to work together for the common good," Microsoft
> has decided not to propose its own Internet software privacy standards,
> but instead to endorse the standard proposed by its rival Netscape and
> Firefly Network Inc., and supported by a hundred hardware and software
> companies both large and small.

So the privacy standard is public, not private? Hmm....

> The standard will be part of a broader effort led by the nonprofit
> organization World Wide Web Consortium,

Nonprofit? I bet Tim Byars has a few words about that... feel free NOT
to share them with us, Tim... :)

> called the platform for privacy preferences. Using that platform, Web
> surfers could control what personal information was obtained about them
> during their travels on the Internet. (New York Times 12 Jun 97)

You can control it now, just turn cookies, Javascript, and Java off,
and surf with a hacked up version of lynx that blocks all environment
variable passage.

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