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Thu, 12 Jun 97 10:13:08 PDT

Following Megan, Dobbin, and Bondi, I filled out the survey at

My profile:

> You must be able to do new and different things, go to new and different
> places, meet new and different people and have the freedom to chase your
> curiosity.You must be able to pull everything apart to analyze the
> efficiency of its construction. You must be able to see the entire
> picture so that you can observe the problems and perceive the solutions
> that will make everything run more efficiently. You must be involved in
> areas that help and are of benefit to others, that you can believe in,
> and that makes you feel good.

This is expert analysis?

My top 10 "ideal occupations":

> Stress Analyst
> Research-Contracts Supervisor
> Flight Reservations Manager
> Land Surveying Manager
> Director of Admissions
> Judge
> Newspaper Managing Editor
> Compensation Manager
> Hotel Manager
> Food Service Manager

This stinks. I'm going over to
where everybody knows my name...

Seriously, does anyone else do ? Rohit, you
should enter all the FoRKmembers into it...


So easy, even a monkey could do it. (Well, if he had a computer and a
modem and phone service ...and other little monkey friends with get the picture.)