RE: I am now only 97% of the man I used to be...

Joe Barrera (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 21:29:25 -0700

Damn I miss Tommy burgers, but especially the chili cheese fries (a meal
in themselves).

I went to undergrad at Harvey Mudd, but we'd drive the 30 minutes or
whatever it was that it took to get to the closest Tommy's... boy that
was a long time ago. Left Greater LA for Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon)
back in 1986... where the food scene was just dismal in comparison. (Or
even not in comparison.) Just TRY to find a fresh tortilla in Pgh. Fresh
as in, like, you could bend it at a 90* angle and it wouldn't snap in
half. Not asking for much here.

Washington was a lot better but thank GOD I'm back in California...

- Joe

PS. Rohit, I really don't know about this mass transportation thing. I'm
really tempted to fund half the cost of your parking just so that you
drive to work like God intended... But then I realize that this whole
Summer job thing (with the dress code and all) must be some weird
masochistic thing, so I guess I should just stay out of it.

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Unfortunately, in the Fall, I return to the land of Tommy