Fortune City.

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Sat, 14 Jun 97 15:22:29 PDT

I know Rohit, so why would I have any use for colorful neighbors? :)

> From Sat Jun 14 12:57:36 1997
> To:
> Sender: Julie Turnmill <>
> Subject: Building a virtual city on the Web
> We're building a free city on the Web. Just like any other city
> it has houses, apartments, shops, a radio station and even elected
> city officials. It's called and you can find us at:
> We need pioneers to enrich the cultural and social life of this vibrant
> cosmopolitan community. We provide 6Mb of free web space which you
> can use as you see fit. All our citizens can vote on city policy and
> development issues, and YOU could be the next mayor of!
> Come on in, build your home and meet your neighbours. I'll be happy to
> introduce you to some of our more colourful residents :)
> Julie Turnmill
> Tourism Development Officer
> FortuneCity Hall
> 139 Kensington High Street
> London, England
> W8 6SU
> For further information see our City FAQ at:
> or reply with the word INFO in the subject line.
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> to Usenet. This is the *only* message you will receive and this
> list will *not* be passed to other parties. Please see
> for further details and
> advice on how to remove yourself from mailing lists.


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