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Sat, 14 Jun 97 17:14:05 PDT

Thanks to DanK for suggesting the Drudge Report - I've been enjoying it
ever since!

Today's Drudge Report gives a big boost to the Rohit/Xfiles/Illuminati
hypothesis that old white guys run the planet...

> The PineIsle Resort near Atlanta this weekend is host to the 45th
> Bilderberg Meeting. June 12-15, the group is gathering to discuss the
> "Atlantic Relationship in a Time of Change." Among others topics
> reportedly on the agenda -- no reporters have been allowed in to cover the
> group at work -- are NATO, China, Islam, EMU, Energy, Growth, Corporate
> Governance. The full list of attendees are once again a secret. The
> DRUDGE REPORT has cracked the identity of some who are in attendance.
> Bartley, Robert L. Editor, Wall Street Journal
> Bentsen, Lloyd M. Former Secretary of the Treasury
> Berger, Samuel R. Assistant to the President
> Bokros, Lajos Senior Adviser, The World Bank
> Corzine, Jon S. Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs & Co.
> Ercel, Gazi Governor, Central Bank of Turkey
> Jordan, Jr., Vernon E. Senior Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss...
> Kissinger, Henry A.
> McDonough, William J. President, Federal Reserve Bank of NY
> Powell, Colin L.
> Rockefeller, David
> Stahl, Lesley R. CBS
> Stephanopoulos, George Visiting Professor, Columbia
> Sutherland, Peter D. Former Director General, GATT and WTO
> Participants have agreed not to give interviews to the press during the
> meeting. In contacts with the news media after the conference it is an
> established rule that no attribution should be made to individual
> participants of what was discussed during the meeting. An official press
> release of the conference states: "At the meetings, no resolutions are
> proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued. In short, it is
> a flexible and informal international leadership-forum in which different
> viewpoints can be expressed and mutual understanding enhanced."
> "Today, I say that no nation in the world need be left out of the global
> system we are constructing." -- Secretary of State Madeleine Albright,
> commencement address at Harvard University 6/5/97.


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