Re: Techno

I Find Karma (
Sat, 14 Jun 97 19:24:28 PDT

> Help! Now, forsooth, I am _gymming_ and my craving grows ever

Get the disk Tim Byars is selling from the Devil Dogs, it's got lots of
this stuff, plus dialogue snippets from Kevin Smith's _Clerks_ as a bonus.

Personally, I like the new David Bowie album _Earthling_ more and more
with every listen. He's a good compromise between techno and the sane
world of pop. Also, the new U2 album is decent, and Dan tells me the
new Depeche Mode album is decent too. But they ain't techno.

I also like Meredith Brooks' _Blurring the Edges_ - sounds like a cross
between Alanis and Sheryl Crow. Of course, JoeK says I should get over
my addiction to listening to whiny skanky females, but I can't help it.

> "whose last CD buying basket brought Orbital, BET Jazz Classics,
> George Clinton's Greatest Funkin' Hits, and Tom Petty -- how's that for
> eclectic?" Khare

albums, _The Nightfly_ and _Kamikiriad_. I love those albums!!!


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