For newbies to FoRK.

I Find Karma (
Sat, 14 Jun 97 21:25:37 PDT

I'm sitting in the lab, playing Quake, drinking Coke, listening to Sheryl Crow,
and lots of email is coming in on the wire.

> From Sat Jun 14 19:52:57 1997
> To:
> Subject: repost FoRK who's who Adam
> for all the new FoRkers why don't you repost your breakdown Adam?

Yeah, we have 36 people on FoRK now, thanks to Clover joining yesterday.
Hi Clover!

I guess I should sort of make a little roadmap for newbies to FoRK.

You could start with the FAQ, although that's very dense:

Here are some of the FAQ highlights:

1. Who's who on FoRK: the lurkers, the middle class, and the overposters.

2. Rohit's personal favorite FoRKposts.

3. The FoRK motto.

4. The Macarena.

5. Ernie's Rules of War.

6. Rohit's Rules of Order.

7. FoRK jargon: "Bit".

8. FoRK jargon: "Cluon" / "Anticluon".

9. FoRK jargon: "97%".

10. FoRK jargon: "Thirty Hypothesis".

I think that's enough for now. Watch out, infosoaking in the form of
reading the FAQ can be quite the timesucker...

> From Sat Jun 14 20:47:36 1997
> Subject: you loser...
> To: (Adam Rifkin)
> reading the new fork faq sukced up an hour!!! :-)
> RK

But every once in a while one discovers a new bit...

> From Sat Jun 14 21:02:29 1997
> Subject: charette
> To: (Adam Rifkin)
> Wow! never knew this...
> What is "charette"?
> Feverish activity immediately preceding a deadline. The term comes
> from the French name for the horsedrawn carts in Paris that carried
> architectural students with their architectural models from their
> workshops to their examinations, still feverishly finishing the models
> "en charette." In the vernacular English we can speak of "having a
> charette" and, of course, there is a verb form: "charetting it up."
> Without a deadline there can be no charette.
> Use in a sentence: Rohit can work only en charette.
> Explains why it's the name of a big art store inthe Boston area.


Enjoy! :)


I'm not one OF a billion, I'm one IN a billion...
-- Rohit Khare