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Joe Barrera at 10:41 PM -0700 on 6/14/97, the Microsoft poser came up with

> I have a lot of suggestions but I don't know if you'd like them. I'm
> more into the dark industrial psychotic sound that sometimes approaches
> techno. And a lot less into pop - e.g. the first place I had even heard
> of the Spice Girls was this list. (I'm spoiled by being able to pick up
> KFJC again.) Another problem is that I'm pretty bad with music
> categories. I'm not sure what even counts as techno these days. But here
> goes:
> "Bites & Remission" by Skinny Puppy is a classic that should be in your
> collection.
> "Manipulated" by Gravity Kills is pretty fun and dark and beat-ridden.
> It's also the thing in this list I bought most recently, so you ought to
> be able to find it.
> "IBTABA" by Wire is pretty beat-full as well.
> For historical perspective you should get some late Throbbing Gristle
> stuff, or what they split into, namely Chris & Cosey and Psychic TV.
> I like some of Cabaret Voltaire's stuff, like "Plasticity" and (I think)
> "Red Mecca" (the latter is on vinyl, and all my vinyl is at work, and
> I'm at home).
> BTW Can you pick up KSPC (Claremont) in Pasadena? They used to place
> good stuff when I was at Mudd.

WTF no Joy Division?



I got two turntables and a microphone...

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