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Tim, yes, I agree that Joy Division is (was) God-like, BUT, I wasn't
listing all my favorite dark rock groups, I was trying to come up with
useful suggestions for LOUD REPETITIVE SYNTHETIC music.

In particular, the original request mentioned music to play at the
Gym... this implies music that pumps you up, not music that makes you
want to lie down and die.

Look, okay, I'll finally do what I've been resisting doing... I'm going
to type up my whole stupid collection. That way you can't say, "but what
about Nine Inch Nails? What about Ministry? What about..."

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Joe Barrera at 4:19 AM -0700 on 6/15/97, came up with this:

> > From: CobraBoy! []
> > WTF no Joy Division?
> I thought about mentioning early New Order but wasn't sure if
they were
> "LOUD REPETITIVE SYNTHETIC" enough. And Joy Division is even
less so.
> But I should have said that owning a recording of the song
"Blue Monday"
> by New Order is absolutely necessary.
> (Of course, I myself do own all the Joy Division and early New
Order I
> have ever had a chance to acquire. I wasn't trying to describe
> everything I own or like; that would have been a much longer

Well to say your into dark rock and not mention Joy Division who
are the
fathers and IMHO still the gods of this form is a sin.



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