RE: Once again, what's a PASSLQ.

Rumman Gaffur (gaffurr@sonnyj.BTNA.COM)
Sun, 15 Jun 97 23:56:52 EDT

a (adj.) one, one sort of.
the (adj.) denoting one or more persons or things already
mentioned, under discussion.

> joebar wrote:
> > Really, should be Person of *an* appropriate sex. To imply that there
> > is a single ("the") appropriate sex is exclusionary to bisexuals.

> adam wrote:
> I stand by "the" appropriate sex: Penis, Vagina, or Miscellaneous... :)

adam wins, perhaps not for the reason he stated.
i know english, i learn it from a book.

> Hey, is this the first time the word penis has been used on FoRK?
> Maybe this can be the filthiest FoRKpost ever! (Note to joebar, tbyars,
> duck, rumman, and phryday: this is *NOT* a challenge.)

blokes and ladies, is it okay to swear in limey english?

> <LI> San Francisco, California <BR>
> When he's not dreaming of Tommy burgers and Harvey Mudd,
> <A HREF="">
> Joe</A> defends Microsoft, because *someone* has to.

> <LI> Pasadena, California <BR>
> When he's not dreaming of Michael Moorcock and slam dunks,
> <A HREF="">
> Joe</A> attacks Microsoft, because *someone* has to.

> Of course, if you want to argue semantics, then Rob Harley and Tim Byars
> also belong in the "extreme prejudice toward Microsoft" camp with JoeK,
> and Rohit "I continue to use Windows 95 despite my continual complaints
> about it" Khare, Magnus "lurker" Hedlund, and Adam "I'm a masochist, so
> please let me try out yet another buggy Xserver for Windows NT so I can
> log into the NetBSD machines to try to get some actual work done" Rifkin
> could be in the "malice toward none" camp with JoeB.

oh please don't forget me, the idiotic ideas from microsoft (e.g. COM)
is over compensated by their marketing folks and "Datamation" reading
CIOs who think attaching word documents to emails are a nifty
idea. - rumman "CORBA and COM just don't mix" gaffur

masturbation euphemisms & stuff deleted
> Bringing it on Home.
> Ah, I feel better....

maybe you would feel a lot, lot better if you just said "wanking".