They're Made Out of Meat

Robert S. Thau (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 11:36:19 -0400 (EDT)

Robert Harley writes:
> An amusing conversation between some explorers who just discovered Earth.

Also available (along with several other stories, most published but
uncollected) at the suthor's own web page at

including 10:07:24, which is a dialog in a similar style.

At his best, Bisson is *very* good; his World Fantasy Award winner,
"Talking Man", is highly recommended. Be warned, however, that the
flavor of it is rather different from "Made of Meat"; the highest tech
in that book (barring some stuff which is way on the far side of
Clarke's Second Law) is a 1950s sedan with a strangely behaving radio.

(On the other hand, if you want more stuff like "made of meat", get a
copy of Stanislaw Lem's Cyberiad, or Tales of Pirx the Pilot. Go.
Now. Buy them. Whatever you're doing now can wait).