fat-free HoHos

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Mon, 16 Jun 97 10:44:10 -0700


> Of course, Ernie might find "fat-free HoHos irkin' Dr". And of course, the
Greeks beware,
> since "FoRK horrified Athens" -- not bad, it may yet make the New FoRK Times....

That's scary. I don't remember it from before, although I do remember the
other one.

What's scary is that the Fat-Free HoHos were in fact extremely irking in the
Spring of 95, one year before Wayne's legendary FoRK post.. Actually, I
think they were more like ding-dongs. What happened was Rohit and I (along
with Tim) were purchasing food for my thesis defense. It is considered wise
to bribe professors with food to ensure a congenial atmosphere...

We ended up at Ralph's in Pasadena, and I decided we should get something
more healthy. I saw these Fat-free brownies made from seaweed, and decided
we should buy them. Yes, I admit it was my decision.

Well, they were awful. One of the attendees tried a couple of bites, but
that was it. I tried to eat the rest of it myself, but couldn't stomach it.
I'm not sure what exactly I did with the rest. I think I just left them in
an open conference room, and let the vultures find out for themselves...

So, yes, they irked me,right after I made Dr.

-- Ernie P.

P.S. Rohit and Tim also made me buy the Ernie [from Sesame Street] Bathroom
pack (a bucket with shampoo and bubble bath - I already owned a rubber
duckie). I just couldn't see anyway to sneak it into a dignified thesis
defense, so it's been hiding in my toilet. A friend of mine saw it, and
though this girlfried would like it, so I sold it to him (it was still in the
shrink-wrap). So, I finally got rid of it.

I felt a little guilty, but they'd actually made me pay for it with my own
money, so it wasn't like it was a gift.