Re: I'm collecting spam

Gordon Irlam (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 23:24:56 -0700 (PDT)

> I'm working on a content-based spam filter. The more spam I have to
> train and/or test with, the better the filter will be, so I'd like
> everyone to bounce unsolicited junk mail to I have
> 385 pieces so far, though since they come from several contributors,
> there are probably duplicates.
> I've also been putting in various places, hoping
> that it will find its way into spammers' lists. Feel free to help
> spread it around, as long as the context makes it obvious that people
> should not send mail to it.

You are in luck!

This morning I put together a list of Internet spammers affiliated
with Sanford Wallace of Cyber Promotions.

I was going to post it to Usenet today, but the news server at
Cygnus has hit the fritz.

Anyway, I would suggest you foward you request, or a simpler request
that just says "Please add me to your mailing list" to the list of
people below.


Listing Removed, Rohit Khare, 6/18/97