bits from devcon that didn't seem to filter out...(ibm, netscape, oracle, and sun jumping on the bea

Joseph R. Kiniry (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 11:07:24 -0700 (PDT)

sorry to be literal, but this raised my eyebrow.

unbeknownst to me, (but perhaps nary raising a burp in other
dist-obj-ers), ibm, netscape, oracle, and sun have jointly generated
several rfps for the omg; "The RFPs are for a component model;
scripting, which will be based on JavaScript; and an Internet naming

what's more, "The four companies have also agreed to combine forces on
two existing OMG projects. The first is Objects By Past Value, which
is an essential Java capability which will now become a CORBA feature,
and the second involves multiple interface capabilities, which is also
a basic Java capability."

more information can be found in the article on the javaworld site at

the actual submission can be found at
<> (ORBOS/97-05-25)

both pieces are, shall we say, lacking in the H(X) department.

so, how many of us here believe in javascript as an answer to the
component scripting problem?

another favorite pull-quote from the article, so typical of the
mindless pundits i hate so much:

""Developing for CORBA right now is very difficult. It is a little
like brain surgery. What you want is to have something like a
JavaBeans component framework available to jump-start your enterprise
development. This is a step that lets those users do that," said
Melinda Ballou, a senior research analyst with the Meta Group, in
Waltham, MA."

what the _hell_ does this person know about developing for corba?
what _right_ do they have make sweeping generalizations like this all
the darn time?

actually, i found a bio:

Ms. Ballou is a leading authority on application management and
delivery, specializing in methodologies and project management, SCM,
and testing tools for multitier C/S and intra/extranet development. In
addition, she is well versed in distributed objects, component reuse
strategies, and related metrics. Prior to joining META Group in
December 1994, Ms. Ballou was senior editor at Computerworld, where
her responsibilities included reporting on object-oriented and C/S
technologies. Ms. Ballou has a B.A. from Williams College.

"well versed in distributed objects" after being an editor at
computerworld, that respected journal, and receiving a b.a. from
williams, that technical powerhouse.