Re: Get FoRKed in the Bay Area

Yobie Benjamin (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 11:28:33 -0700

Well I live in the East Bay, work in the Peninsula and in SF and have
A/C in the car... July 11 is DEFCON in Las Vegas so how about July
18th, a Friday... 7:00 PM.

Yo Seth, what if I buy your beers? Take CalTrain, it's efficient,
economical and saves the environment OR give some other suggestion
bsides I know JoeBar is in the South of Market area. Wendy, JoeBar and
I are in SF so suggest something.

Any others?

Wendy J. Mattson wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, Yobie Benjamin wrote:
> >There seems to be a few folks in the Bay Area - JoeBar,
> >Seth, myself...who else?
> Me, for one. I'm in San Francisco, working for an ISP (Sirius
> Connections), and serving as Secretary for BANG (Bay Area NeXT
> Group; <>).
> >That makes a sufficient quorum for a get together.
> >Beantown and LA-LA FoRK'ers should consider flying in.
> Okay, as long as it is not scheduled for late July to mid-August,
> when I'll be visiting Beantown.
> >Any suggestions for dates and times.
> July 11, 7 PM, San Francisco.
> >We might be able to get Rohit here if we get some chicks
> >to come for the nachos.
> Well, er, I'm not sure I qualify as a "chick" -- opinions, Rohit?
> Dinner at Chevy's near Moscone would be fun, though. :-)
> WM
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