Re: El Nino

I Find Karma (
Wed, 18 Jun 97 10:36:04 PDT

> This just in, this winter the storms created by this effect are predicted
> to be worse than the 83-84 storms. For those of you that don't remember,
> those took out just about every pier up and down the coast.

Time to buy up those orange juice commodity options!

Rohit, do you have that Axelrod reference for me yet?


Villains are picked off in order of ascending nastiness... sadistic
brutes, followed by smarmy flacks, followed by twisted visionaries in
expensive suits. Among the heroes, we don't have to worry about the
principled male scientist, the dynamic female animal behaviorist, or the
stowaway children. But even among the good guys, a marginal physiognomy
or a receding hairline can spell doom. Keep your eye on that sad-faced
electronics specialist. He's bald, and he's gonna pay.
-- Stephen Harrigan, on "The Lost World"