Re: DESCHALL Press Release (fwd)

Robert Harley (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 12:28:13 +0200 (MET DST)

>Note that this one contribution of Rob's would be ~80% of the entire world's
>cracking power last weekend. Shooot, the tough luck, eh, Robert?

Huh? More like 0.1%. The Alpha was ten times faster than the average
computer running DESCHALL but there were 10000 of them average
computers. Somewhat sobering that the one that finally found it was a
P90, over 20 times slower...

>Otherwise we could have gotten the media in a tizzy over a *frenchie*
>cracking a US Federal Information Processing Standard :-)

Of course the code that broke it was adapted from stuff by an Israeli
guy, an Australian guy etc. All glibly imported into the US but then
protected from export by some CGI script. Not that that stopped anyone.

Rob, *Irish* dude (and proud of it!) in France.