FW: Announcing European PGP 5.0 source code scanning/OCR

Dan Kohn (dan@teledesic.com)
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 09:11:14 -0700

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>Subject: Announcing European PGP 5.0 source code scanning/OCR
>PGP community,
>as can be seen at http://www.ifi.uio.no/pgp/ the source code
>books of PGP 5.0 already arrived in Europe. Stale Schumacher
>in Norway received one set and I am the lucky receiver of
>another copy.
>Although 7000 pages is a lot, it appears possible to scan, OCR and
>release a complete electronic source distribution within some weeks.
>Stale Schumacher intends to start with the Windows 95/ Windows NT
>version, together with a team at the University of Trondheim; at
>Tilburg University, management has approved doing the "Platform
>Independent" books (which means Unix and the library underlying
>Win 32 and Mac).
>It is assumed to be useful to have one single digital source
>distribution that is imported *into* the USA instead of exported
>from it. Therefore we ask USA teams that have the source books NOT
>to publish results of scanning efforts before we get a chance in Europe.
>Our progress will be reported during the project on the Norwegian WWW
>page mentioned above.
>The results of the scanning effort will be verifiable, because the books
>published the MD5 and SHA checksums of all source modules in a file signed
>by PGP Inc..
>We hope/aim to be ready before July 13th. Please contact Stale and Teun
>by email if you have other ideas.
>So far we have no volunteer in Europe who wants to do the Mac books.
>Typically you require time, a fast Mac, time, a HP Scanjet, time and
>Omnipage Professional.
>Depending on the quality of the produced OCR results me may later decide
>to call upon volunteers to help with corrections. Stay tuned.
>Stale Scumacher <stale@hypnotech.com> (of http://www.ifi.uio.no/pgp/)
>Teun Nijssen <Teun.Nijssen@kub.nl> (of http://www.surfnet.nl/pgp/)
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