Re: Fresh Virgins!

Yobie Benjamin (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 15:50:42 -0700


Kristin Buxton wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 19, 1997 at 06:18:05PM -0400, Rohit Khare wrote:
> >
> > Kirsten Buxton, late of UIUC, now late to work at Tektronix in
> Oregon.
> > Gen-X friend of Adam's, friend of mine from visiting UIUC myself...
> >
> <pedantic mode on>
> it's actually Kristin (gotta watch those vowels), and actually net but
> not
> Gen-X friend of Adam's
> </pedantic mode off>
> anyhow, hi. no clue what anyone would want to know about me, so i'll
> probably
> just shut up now and watch the traffic for a bit :)
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