Independence Day Sale--Save Up To 70%

Rohit Khare (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 15:20:33 -0400

PS. Yobie, when's the party... I might want to drop by :-)

Major airlines are now offering special one-day advance purchase fares
ranging from $128 to $298 round-trip in most domestic markets of the 48
contiguous United States and Canada, depending on the trip length.

(a) Participants: American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Northwest,
TWA, United, US Airways
(b) Destinations: 48 contiguous United States; Canada
(c) Travel Dates: outbound, after noon 7/4, any time 7/5; inbound, 7/5,
7/7, 7/8
(d) Purchase By: 7/5
(e) Restrictions: One-day advance purchase required; Friday-night
stayover required if outbound on 7/4; Sunday-night stayover required for
outbound on 7/5