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> > At any given moment in time in our universe, 97% of the population
> > are purveyors of anti-cluons. Worse, who's in the 97% for any given
> > field at any given time changes, and furthermore, the 97% rule is
> > recursive (see example #1, below)! No wonder it's so difficult to
> > maintain a clue, especially since people who have a clue are loath
> > help you get it because they loathe anti-cluons.

> Which means that who's in the 97% may be different at any given point
> time. You can never be in the 3% all the time, by definition.

The second statement does not logically follow from the first. The first
could be true if a single pair of people continually swapped cluefulness
and cluelessness.

BTW, while I'm here, has anyone started reading Infinite Jest? No?! You
LOSERS! I'm going to start spoilers if that's the only way to get you to
read it...

- Joe

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