FW: Oracle Goes Java-less -- Giant breaks promise to support key

Joe Barrera (joebar@MICROSOFT.com)
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 12:51:14 -0700

File under "The wise love their enemies and fear their friends"...


Java, the key ingredient in the software giant's networked computing
strategy, will not be included in the initial release of Oracle 8.
Moreover, Oracle's next-generation application development platform,
known as Sedona, will not ship with Oracle 8 and perhaps not at all,
company chairman Larry Ellison said in a stunning announcement here last


"It was all Windows NT, all DCOM and not a whiff of CORBA. How can any
user take Oracle's advice on the NCA religion seriously if Oracle
doesn't practice it?" said Peter Burris, an analyst at the Meta Group, a
Stamford, Conn.-based consultancy.