RE: Freedom from Microsoft != Freedom from Intel.

CobraBoy! (
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 09:24:56 -0700

Joe Barrera at 9:17 AM -0700 on 6/23/97, came up with this:

> > Could it be running non-Microsoft software?
> Lots of us run Visio, gnu-emacs, Eudora, MathCAD, Quicken... (but don't
> tell anyone :-)
> But yes, it could explain the Win95 crashes or freeze-ups, although I'd
> be surprised if it explained the NT problems.

Maybe while were on the subject of NT problems you could explain this.

Why in three separate installs of NT from a beta to the most recent
NTServer/BackOffice won't NT recognize my SoundBlaster 32? This is an
absolutely stock SoundBlaster 32, not a clone, in a Micron P-133.

In every install, NT says "no sound device installed/found," although, gee,
Win 95 and NeXTStep 3.3/OpenStep 4.2 see's it just fine.



It takes Microsoft 10 years to get rid of the mess when you boot, why should we believe that you can make Windows easy to program in only two years ?" - S.Jobs to Microsoft's J. Allchin

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