The road to Munchkinville

Mark Baker (
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 18:29:12 -0400 (EDT)

Kinda eerie, eh? Who'da thought we'd be ready for a Munchkin-like
economic model for carrying voice over IP?


An offer to residents of the State of North Carolina in the U.S.

If you are a resident of North Carolina, this may interest you.
The Telephone Company Inc of Raleigh is seeking qualified
applicants interested in running our software on hardware
platforms owned and maintained by the applicant. Qualified
applicants will possess above average systems maintenance
experience and knowledge, have systems meeting minimum
requirements and will be financially stable. You must be a
resident of North Carolina to be eligible for this offer.

You will be part of a statewide network of telephone messaging
service providers. You will be required to furnish the hardware
platform on which our proprietary software runs. Your knowledge
and experience in maintaining a stable operating environment
for a high end PC running 24-hours per day will be of paramount
importance. You must provide, in addition to other requirements,
UPS capacity for your system to conduct a controlled shutdown
in the event of a power outage (5-7 minute reserve for most
systems). You will be expected to maintain two to four telephone
lines connected to your system at all times.

Others will be depending on you. Although you will be in business
for yourself, you will not be in business by yourself. If your system
is poorly maintained and unavailable an unacceptably high percent
of the time, you will be disconnected from the network and your
payments will cease. The startup costs will depend on the system

MB; look, an incentive to provide adequate QoS! Gotta earn those kudos.

you install, who you get it from, who configures it, how much of
the work you do yourself, etc. An estimate might be $4000 to
$5000. Your monthly fixed costs will be power consumption for
your system, telephone line charges by your local telco and
internet service fees charged by your internet service provider.

MB; gotta dump those telco fixed costs. Hmm.. how to do that? 8-)

Your expected initial cash flow should go positive your first month.
If it does not, we recommend you withdraw from the network and
cut your losses. Successful entrepreneurs should cash flow
$1500 per month in 90 days. Six months to a year, cash flows of
$4000 to $6000 are expected.

We sell you nothing. Our software runs on your system and is
licensed to you for use while participating in our network and
meeting our monthly participation requirements. The software
remains the intellectual property of TCIR (The Telephone Company
Inc of Raleigh), an NC chartered corporation. Your hardware
remains your property but you have no rights to the TCIR supplied
software other than those specifically provided for you under our
software licensing agreement.

We do not ask you for money. Your business will cost you money
to run. However, you will not be spending it with us. Your costs will
be limited to your direct hardware purchase and maintenance costs,
your telephone line costs and your InterNET service provider's fees.
We will pay you a royalty on your customers' use of the network.

MB; kudos, but without direct billing.

You will be asked to provide evidence of financial stability, sign a
noncompete/nondisclosure agreement, join a local Chamber of
Commerce office, commit to an advertising strategy, participate
in a Bartering Organization Network, maintain continuous system
operation at established minimum standards, comply with all local,
state and federal laws regulating our industry and to sign TCIR
participant agreements regulated by the Laws of the State of NC.

Interested applicants should respond to this posting by eMail to However, your eMails will not be responded
to. They will be used to capture InterNET address information and
log you into our database. For a packet describing our offer, you
must mail your request along with your physical address and valid
NC telephone number to The Telephone Company Inc of Raleigh,
7237 Bluffside Court, Raleigh, NC 27615. Upon receipt of your written
request, we will telephone you to confirm your valid phone number
and then follow up with our information packet by US Mail.


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