Re: Reston FoRKcon?

Rumman Gaffur (gaffurr@sonnyj.BTNA.COM)
Tue, 24 Jun 97 8:51:12 EDT

i used to be in reston until sunday june 22.
now i am in a place called ipswich, england.
now i have a new found appreciation for
reston which i never had before.

how about a reston FoRKcon in january 1998?


> I'm in Reston today, at MCI. I have to drive back to BOS today, so I could
> leave before traffic, OR we can try to get together and be dissolute until
> dinner :-)
> Possible? Drop me a line back in Boston at the number below; it'll page me.
> Is there anyone else from FoRK in NVa?