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Tue, 24 Jun 1997 11:03:08 -0700

Ron Resnick at 10:55 AM -0700 on 6/24/97, came up with this:

> But we really want to see the mugshot. Adam's got pix, JoeK does,
> Rohit has some floating around, although not on his lame excuse for
> a page. JoeB does, Rob Harley does. I do. Even Wayne has something
> evil and green which he claims is not him, but we can pretend is.
> So when do we all get to see what you look like?

My picture is available at most Post Offices and on the 2/13/96, 6/22/96,
12/11/96, 1/15/97, 4/3/97 editions of America's Most Wanted.



still got,

...two turntables and a microphone.

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