NT and overposting...

CobraBoy! (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 11:05:40 -0700

In keeping up with my overposting status I bring you this...

> This tidbit is from:
> <lstrand@concentric.net>
> I am forced to use a Windows NT machine at work. Every so often I have to
> reboot it in order to delete a file. Yes, you read that correctly.
> Windows NT can prevent more than application from opening a given file at
> the same time. While this sounds like a good idea in principle, it turns
> out to be very annoying in practice. Sometimes I try to delete a folder
> that happens to be the "current" folder in one of my shell windows, only
> to be frustrated by the following alert box:
> "Cannot remove folder MyFolder: There has been a sharing violation. The
> source of destination file may be in use."
> As if this weren't annoying enough, sometimes Windows NT doesn't clean up
> after itself -- it "forgets" that a file or folder is no longer in use.
> Even after closing all open applications, the "sharing violation" alert
> box persists, and I am forced to reboot the machine in order to delete
> something.
> This happened to me again just last week. As I was using a new account
> which I had just created, the "Tip of the Day" welcome feature was still
> enabled. After many unsuccessful attempts at dragging a folder to the
> "recycling bin", I rebooted the machine, and logged in. The welcome
> message which greeted me appears below. I just couldn't help but laugh.
> "Welcome to Windows NT
> Did you know...
> You can use long filenames when you save documents. You can even use
> spaces!"



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