3M Image Graphics

Rohit Khare (khare@mci.net)
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 15:07:08 -0400

I was researching smart cards, but ended up at 3M after a few links
(materials for id card badges...)

I ended up having a grand ol' time at their image graphics site... a real
treat for you tweaks out there: all the engineering ins and outs of how the
produce those lush mega-visuals. The films, the printers, the applications,
my god, you'd never realize how graphically intense our world is until you
visit some corners of the world untrammeled by the genies let out by

Their latest image printers can
"Print all three sides of this 48 foot trailer in 21 minutes.". Holy shit
-- think about it, 400 dpi full color at 2,600 sq ft per hour!

All kinds of neat case studies and more. I think there's a market someday
in shrink-wrap graphics for cars: Would it be cool to cover your entire
ride like those whole-bus-billboards?
Beats a new paint job hands-down...

http://www.mmm.com/imagegraphics -- highly recommended.