Re: FoRK

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 17:26:06 -0500

> Keith Dawson runs one of the highest clue per bit mailing lists around
> (I sometimes feed him bits)

Are these two lines related? Inversely or otherwise? ;-)

> but I'm concerned that he's shown a certain
> lack of judgement (SP!) by even considering joining FoRK.

Run away! You'll just get pelted with abuse like having your name anagrammed
to death. Oh, too late!

Aid the wonks.
As tho' winked
Die w/o thanks.
Donate whisk.
Down the saki.
Handiest wok
Hawkin dotes.
Hew'd kations
Hoist waken'd
Hoisted wank
Hokiest dawn
Honk! Ed waits.
Honked it was.
Honks waited.
I, Ed, who stank
I wasted honk.
Kathode wins.
Keaton wish'd.
Kentish woad
Kindest 'whoa'
Know the aids.
Kwa, hedonist
Nakedish two
NATO whisked.
Noshed w/ Taki.
Odin set hawk.
Shake it down.
Shaked in two
Show'd intake
Soak the wind.
Stow'd hankie
Thawed oinks
The Adkin sow
The sow, kinda
Tonka wished.
Tow skinhead
Tow'd hankies
Tweak no dish.
Waked in host
Waken hoist'd
Waken. Do this.
Wanked hoist
Wasn't hoiked
Watkins hoed.
Watson hiked.
What's oinked?
Whisk'd Eaton.
Who dies, Kant?
Who is tanked?
Whosit? Danke!
Winks o' death

Wayne Pedant-at-large