Re: Time anagram

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Thu, 26 Jun 1997 0:06:02 -0500

> there's an anagram in he letters section of time this week. "Him conn'd
>Israel" over some phony bible analysis.

The solution space is enormous. Perhaps there's a hint in the letter's text?
Or the numerologist(s)'s name(s)? I don't have either at hand, so I'll wing it.

Best first-blush guess: Lord's in machine.
Second guess: Cohen's liar-mind

Other fun matches:
Adorns Michelin
Chisel'd Iron Man
Cleanish Nimrod
Cloned Irishman
Cornishman lied.
Cornmeal in dish
Criminal noshed.
Donner chiliasm
Hedonic marlins
Holdin' cremains
Honed criminals
Inhaled crimson
In ironclad mesh
Lined harmonics
Mandolin riches
Medicinal horns
Nichrome island
Nosier man-child
Ordinal schemin'