Open Group implicated in mobile computing standard?

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 19:12:11 -0400

I hate these infuriatingly vague and bitless AP wire stories on
technology. Any idea what this *IS*?

How could Open Group be involved in something as broad as "basic look
of the computer screens, how much power the computers need, and how to hook
them up with networks, software and gadgets"?

Or is this some massive confusion about adding telephony to the NC



June 23, 1997

Leading Computer Makers Set Cellular Phone Standard


TOKYO -- Several of the world's leading computer companies said on
Monday that they are setting new standards for an emerging class of mobile
network computers that link cellular phones to the Internet.The agreement
standardizes the basic look of the computer screens, how much power the
computers need, and how to hook them up with networks, software and
The agreement will allow companies to market their own products while
following common technical specifications. It is expected to help them
avoid an inefficient jumble of separate markets for similar products.
Apple Computer Co., International Business Machines Corp., Sun
Microsystems, Lotus Development Corp. and Oracle Corp.'s Network Computer
-- all of the United States -- and Fujitsu, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric
Corp. and Toshiba Corp. of Japan, joined with Finland's Nokia Mobile Phones
in the agreement.
Digital Equipment Corp. of the United States, Hugh Symons of Britain,
Japan Telecom Co., Matsushita Electric Industrial Corp. and NEC Corp. also
joined the agreement. Notably missing was Microsoft Corp., the U.S.
software giant.
Unlike desktop computers, mobile computer devices will work at
different speeds, providing less capability than a computer but with easier
and more lightweight portability.
Companies envision hand-held devices that can link cellular phones to
get e-mail, send fax messages and perhaps hold enough memory to do some
word processing.
The new standards are compatible with the Sun Microsystems Java
software platform, and are based on specifications of an earlier blueprint
adopted by The Open Group., a non-profit standards body.
Hiroo Okuhara, a technology executive at Toshiba, said he and
representatives of Hitachi and Fujitsu expect to have mobile network
products out as early as this autumn.