Into the MsgList, out of California.

I Find Karma (
Thu, 26 Jun 97 17:25:53 PDT

I'm leaving here in a few minutes (the Win95 modem seems to not want to
work, so this may be my last email check until July 11, pray for me) for
Florida, the Caribbean, Baltimore, Floyd Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas,
Oklahoma, Texas Panhandle, Arizona, New Mexico, Vegas Baby, and back to LA.

But I figured that before I left I would update the MsgList database.

New nicefied quotes are at:

For those of you keeping your own private quote databases, the raw list
is at

What? You say you don't know what MsgList is???

Want to download all 20,400 sigs at once?

Think this is totally frivilous and want real bits? The XML paper Rohit
and I are writing is starting to shape up nicely.

It should be even better in a day or two after Rohit's gone through it
with a fine bit comb. :)

If you really need to contact me while I'm away, leave a page with my
personal voicemail assistant at 1 (800) PAGE-MCI, PIN number 1792396.
Coincidentally, my personal assistant's name is Rohit, but don't let
this phase you. Leave your page and I'll get back to you. I check in
with my assistant about 5 times a day. :)

Of course, my personal assistant also has a Web gateway, heh heh.
Same paging plan and PIN number:

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some loose ends to tie up so I can meet
Michelle at the right time and we can go out of email range. :)


Each minute you spend working is one minute less that you have to spend
here before you are permitted to leave!
-- the only thing left on my white board office