Re: Hackers' vigilante justice against kiddy porn?

Ron Resnick (
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 16:52:50 +0300

An interesting post, to say the least. There are some very sick people
out there.

Without in any way condoning the bits these particular folks are trading
around, what struck me was this paragraph in particular.

> What Se7en tapped into, he says, was a "very paranoid" network of
>traders of preteen erotica. In his declaration of "public war" - posted to
>a mailing list devoted to an annual hacker's convention called DefCon -
>Se7en explains that the protocol on most child-porn servers is to upload
>selections from your own stash, in exchange for credits for more images.

Can anyone say kudos?

It seems to me that this particular "protocol" will emerge/is emerging
fairly naturally in any bit-bartering community.