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I hate to see a icon be so wrong, but this is just silly. If anything Apple
should pull the hell out of edu, because most Mac's in edu are configured
horribly and crash all the time. People come away from that experience
hating Apple. On another note I guess there were no NeXTStations in edu?

Sheesh, so clueless as to be laughable.



MacHack: Woz frowns on Next purchase

By Clifford Colby (

Dearborn, Mich. -- Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak began this week's
MacHack convention with a jolt,
telling attendees he questions Apple's acquisition of NeXT Software Inc.

During his keynote address on the first day of this 12th annual Macintosh
developers conference,
sponsored by Expotech Inc., Wozniak said he thought the millions spent to
purchase NeXT and its
technologies was a mistake and the money would have been better spent on

"K-12 is the key to Apple's success," Wozniak said near the end of his
nearly three-hour-long talk, which
ran from about midnight to 3:30 Thursday morning. "I wish Apple were
putting [the] amount of money in
education that it put into Rhapsody."

Saying that he felt "NeXT was a mistake for Apple," Wozniak said the
majority of Mac users are in
education, and Rhapsody is not intended for them.

Wozniak, who teaches elementary school and spent a portion of his keynote
addressing the importance of
education in his life, said, "[Apple] should be an education-technology

Apple pointed out that Wozniak speaking for himself and not representing
the company. "Steve Wozniak is
a part-time adviser to Apple Chief Executive Officer Gil Amelio, and his
remarks do not reflect Apple's
opinions," said Apple spokesman Russell Brady. "We believe we are heading
in the right direction."

Apple at the conference reaffirmed that it will deliver the first
developer release of Rhapsody -- its
next-generation OS based on NeXT and Apple technologies this summer --
although probably not before

The company also said that Mac OS 8 is on track to ship by the end of
July. The software roll-out will be
bolstered by an advertising campaign that will also trumpet Apple
hardware, the company said.


still got,

...two turntables and a microphone.

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