Re: I'm twice the man Bill Gross is

Keith Dawson (
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 17:41:42 -0400

>Lunch with Keith was a real treat. In one way, he's not at all what I
>expected Perhaps we should have a guessing game as to what that way

Same to you, fella.

Personally I think Rohit was expecting somebody taller. (I'm only
5' 15-1/2".) Abd I'll just bet he was expecting someone under 30...
with reason, it's rare enough when us old guys get it. Now there's
a guessing game. How old is the dude with his arm around Network
at <>?

Saw Rohit again this noon at Bob Hettinga's DCSB lunch; first f2f
for me for a number of those folks, including Win Treese, who was
the speaker. And, circumstances permitting, I'll see Rohit again
tomorrow noon as we begin to mixmaster our technical circles to-
gether. My friend joining us used to work for Bill Gross; was the
second techie in idealab; he's back in Boston and on his own now.
Therein lies a tale.