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Wed, 2 Jul 1997 02:05:23 -0400 (EDT)

In a message dated 7/1/97 8:02:56 AM, (CobraBoy!) wrote:

>Someone named Rohit Khare around 7:24 AM -0800 on 7/1/97, cleverly crafted
>> > Thumbs up for Erotica-LA! Wished you were here. Went with CobraBoy.
>>Had a
>> > blast. Hey, might even be able to attend July FoRK party since I may be
>> > San Francisco for a sex party.
>> {dark and stormy night}

No, actually it was nice out.

>> {flashing blue lights}
>> {wailing siren bgsound}

Believe it or not, we stayed out of trouble and no one got arrested.

>> (ok, then just *imagine* I'm using the right stylesheet, ok?)
>> "Ma'am, please step out of the Cobra"
>> "Why what-ever for, Mr. Officer, Sir? Little ol' me jes' postin'
>> innocently away..."
>(AOL newbies)

That's not fair (CobraBoy), would you like me to post *your* AOL address?

>> "Ma'am, I don't think you quite understand the seriousness of your
>> vi-o-lation... Do you know what the penalty is for crossin' the path
>> of a FoRK Commandment?"
>I warned her.

I apologize for breaking the commandment, but, no, he didn't warn me. And if
you believe him, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona, I'd like for you
to have a look at.

>> "But I'm just three lines from home? Nothin' I done right above could be
>> that serious, now, officer? <flutter>"
>> "FoRK FaQ Section 7, Chapter 12, verse 19: And thy brethren shall
>> profit by thy adventures -- share amongst all that they may vicariously
>> experience the Joy of FoRK"
>Again I warned her.

No, he didn't. I think "encourage" may be the word we're looking for.

>> "But.. but... CobraBoy is teasin' all the time! That's jes' not FAIR!"
>> "Ma'am, CobraBoy may be a' pillagin' and shamin' the good name of FoRK
>> in every corner of this county, but he ain't never done scrape the
>> law on this one. 'ceptin his thing for little boys..."
>excuse me?

Yes, you're right, Tim. Rohit is's little girls (not boys.)

>> "Why you remember 'em shooter girls? That's the kind of postin' we
>> like to see in these parts. Three lines about 'wish you were HERE'?!
>> and scarin' away the townsfolk with your tanatalizin' tips about sex
>> parties?! Why I already got three complaints of disturbin' the peace
>> on you. Heck, Rajit here got so tickled he up and ran away from the
>> whole list over this! Do you want that on your head, ma'am, driving
>> off an upright innocent mathematician, async vlsi demon, and
>> chocoholic like that? Are you THAT KIND OF CITIZEN?"

No of course not, but no one can ever top the shooter girl story. It's
impossible. But if you're looking for a tell all, I'll do my best.

>> "Why... Why.. I never ever meant to do wrong by no-body. What say I just
>> back up and try that post again?"

Hang on I'm getting to it.

>I agree, although I also think this might be troll bait for some public

For who? For me? For you?

>> "Just this once, ma'am. Just back that keyboard up and do it for us all,
>> once more, with feelin'"

Yes, sir Officer Khare.

>Or, if you had taken CobraBoy's class on chick speak, you would understand
>that maybe a little harsher punishment is what she was after.

With a comment like that, it's safe to assume (and you probably have), it was
CobraBoy's idea to go to the show, I simply tagged along. I do have to admit
I made the most of it though. And CobraBoy's class on "chick speak"?
Psst...yah, you. We hate to be called chicks!

We met another girl at the show that I pal'd around with while CobraBoy was
off doing his thing. (Knowing the shooter girl story, well....)

I wore a long black sundress that I felt didn't cover a whole lot, but
obviously did according to the chosen attire of other attendees. Not only
was this Fawn's first "adult" trade show, it was my first time to the
Hollywood Palladium too. Cool place. We all had a couple drinks. My pal
and I met a couple of porn stars (Serenity and Persephone) and then listened
to these guys tell us about this "enlarging" tool (for men) they wanted to
show us (CobraBoy got nauseous at that point and had to leave, especially
when he saw us picking up some of the weights this, uh, "tool" used. Boy,
were they heavy. I can't imagine someone hanging them from...well never
mind...I don't want to get too graphic. All I'll say is that one of the
salesmen supposedly gained 3/4 of an inch! (If anyone wants more info, I
have a flyer.) Then we met this guy and his wife (and their baby) that run
this sex club up in SF. They have two clubs (one is for gay men) in San
Franciso and once a month, they close down one of the clubs and have a sex
party. They've got areas decorated like jail cells, forests, castles,
beaches, etc. and people just go wherever they want and have sex. (And the
guy wonders why he had a hard time getting a business license. Well, duh!)
After that, we ran into CobraBoy again and he said I had to check out some,
uh "jewelry". So I went down to this booth, ended up pitching the guy a web
site (again, CobraBoy bailed) and walked away with a complimentary set of,
how do I put this...nipple nooses. Ok, that's what they're called and, no, I
haven't tried them out. Despite the company I keep, I'm not that kind of

Hmmm...I don't think I've left out anything. After we were done at the show,
all three of us went to Jack's Sugar Shack to drink. I got a free CD from
one of the bands that was playing. Very cool! They're called the Surf
Ballistics and they're out of Tempe Arizona. Supposedly they have a web site
at but I haven't checked it out yet. A really
"bad" band came on after them and we left our friend Laurie and proceeded
back down to Orange County to the House of Brews for a final drink (not that
I wasn't drunk enough already, but it was pretty much all over with after
that.) and realized that although my outfit was perfectly fitting in
Hollywood, it was a little showy for the Orange County crowd. However, every
cloud has a silver lining, and needless to say, I had no trouble finding us
barstools in the crowded joint. All in all it was pretty tame. Definitely
not a shooter girl story, but hope you enjoy it just the same.

>> ;->,
>> Officer Khare
>> PS. There is one other penalty: you have to be at this party! Heck,
>> I'm flyin' 10,000+ km myself to be there. (got first class confirmed
>> seats for $87 each way)

I'll see.

>yeah, I can't even find out about when this sex party is...

The next "sex" party is August 16 and the name of the club is Power
Exchange/Mainstation located at 74 Otis Street in San Francisco.

Oh I did leave out one part, the guy that owned the sex club said he'd get me
and Laurie a limousine (again, CobraBoy nowhere to be found, which is good at
this point because we never would have gotten this offer) and bring us out to
the club. Pretty cool!

Anyway, that's it. Officer Khare, will you please let me off with just a
warning this time? <flutter> I promise I'll be more careful. (And I won't
let others influence me anymore. ;-)