Re: Sure Hope them Horses Can Swim
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 14:20:57 EST

While I realize I am not supposed to acknowledge your existance, I felt I must
respond to your post. Your attitude, and Chomski's, is epidemic. Student
attendance at college football games is at all-time low. Schools worry that
spirit-less alums won't contribute the big bucks, so they are concentrating
their marketing ACUMEN & GENIUS on coercing students to attend more games.
Giveaways (bribery) will probably be the most successful incentive, as
students today have trouble affiliating with anything that does not have some
sort of immediate gratification quotient.


In a message dated 98-11-23 13:54:47 EST, you write:

<< I've always been proud of the fact that UCI doesn't have a football
team. Being a USC graduate also, I always found it ridiculous that a
significant portion of the student body chose the school because of
their 'team spirit' so that they could re-live their high school daze in
college. Unlike USC, UCI does have is a very good water polo team. I
sat on the bench for 2 years from '85-'87 before figuring out that 18
hour days of physical torture doesn't help your computer science
scholastic career, much less leave time for homework. UCI won the NCAA
the year or two before I got there (remember the Olympics were in Los
Angeles in '84) and the year or two after I left. I've also always been
proud of the fact that twice a week we used to scrimmage the Olympic
team and I never drowned, but I did get a few broken noses, black eyes,
bruised ribs, etc. UCI, Newport Harbor, Corona Del Mar, and Sunny Hills
(and USC for that matter) all share water polo coaching staff and
further all have been Olympic coaches, so what better way to improve
than get your ass kicked twice a week by a team better than you. A
little known fact is that UCI has had more Olympic water polo players
come out of their program than any other school, and in fact, Orange
County makes up half of all the players. Anyways, they are having the
NCAA's this year at Corona Del Mar. UCI has a shot at another title, I
thought about going for about 2 seconds and came to the conclusion, in
the words of Kurt Vonnegut, I couldn't give a flying fuck at the
mooooooon if they won or not. What sort of idiot would go to college
because of the quality of sports teams they have?

"I remember when I was in high school, and I was all excited,
passionate, about the high school football team. And I
remember asking myself, Why do I care?" -- Chomsky >>