Re: My complaint about Joseph S. Barrera III

Tom Whore (
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 13:33:47 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 20 Nov 1998, Tim Byars wrote:
> On 11/20/98 at 12:47 PM -0800, Tom Whore tried to put someone over with this:
> > Thats ok, the one he posted to VAL with my name in it was even more packed
> > with the 50 cent verbage.
> But you didn't bother to notice that you only ranked 2 paragraphs of
> complaint. JSBIII ranked 5.

Oh i did, I just figured it was a tip of the hat to me that you would so
compresses your expression to me rather than the ramble to Joe.

In the concise world of nonarchive, i take brevity to be an honor from
its inhabitants.

> I don't think Joe is clever to figure out it was generated. Oh to be a
> Microsoft reasearch fellow!

This from a person who recently posted on val for help in using MS word to
put in page numbers??:)-

Oh tim, how the mighty have fallen.