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Jay Thomas (
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 09:17:03 -0500

Robert Harley wrote:
> You know, I really need some AOL-er to forward Microscum's rehashing
> of Y2K FUD and CIA propaganda.

Damn! A little bitterness? Course, Rob probably won't get this message
unless he scans the archives, since his mailserver blocks my domain
(blocks netcom, but not AOL? Go figure), but geez, can we ease up on
the caffeine a bit? The whole point of this FoRK thing, is friends, or
acquaintances, or wanna be acquaintances of Mr. Khare posting
topics/info they find interesting and think others might benefit from.
If you don't find a post useful, try hitting the delete key. Better
yet, add the author to your killfile. I've got a couple forkers in my
killfile because I found their posts fucked up or useless more times
than not.

> Keep up the good work GG, it sure beats all the bitful posts we used
> to have around here.

If you're so dissatisfied with the direction the list has taken,
you're always free to unsubscribe, now aren't you? Quit yer bitchin.

ObBits for Rob:
France Though almost every French household now has a bathroom, the
French still don't like to shower or change their underwear, making
them among the dirtiest peoples in Europe .
- Nov 21 11:18 AM SGT

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