Re: Half Full

Daniel Veillard (
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 13:34:33 -0500

> ObBits for Rob:

Being French, I'm a direct target too !


"This article is no longer available"

Anyway, do American really need to export their crap in Asia to feel
more secure when spreading FUD ?

> France Though almost every French household now has a bathroom, the
> French still don't like to shower or change their underwear, making
> them among the dirtiest peoples in Europe .

Well, at least in France the place where you clean-up and the
place where you evacuate the products of your metabolism are in different
rooms ! I still thinks that it's cleaner and far more convenient !
Now having an american trying to give a lesson to French about
underwerars, just look pathetic. Go in France shopping for those and
you will understand what I mean, no comparison.

BTW, I'm moving back to France mid-December !


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