Re: Take me off this list

Ron Resnick (
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 23:49:15 +0200

Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> I give up. You rarely post anymore, Adam certainly doesn't post, Ron doesn't
> post... and I would quite happily go the rest of my life without reading
> another bag of spew from Byars or Harley.
> - Joe

FoRK is a weird place all right.
At this point, I'd venture that the main FoRKer
whose posts I stick around for is JoeBar. While that
might make us a mutual admiration society, I can't
fathom why he'd pick GG over Harley. What's with that,

Harley is actually a real person, who does cool
shit, and has a life. He knows stuff, like elliptic
curve crytosystems,
and how to crank serious cycles out of RealMan(TM)
hardware, like Beowolf clusters, not artsyfartsy toys
like G3s. I don't always know what the fuck he's talking
about in his posts, and I don't always care. But
I do have a collegial respect for a fellow professional
who's on the edge of his chosen specialty and knows it.
I admire that. FoRK, at one time anyway, was supposed
to be (at least partially) about people with a clue
about technology, to the point of a certain arrogance.
Harley has that. Why dump on him?

(I note for the record that Byars has the arrogance of
a techie on the edge, but not the actual depth to go
with it.)

GG, on the other hand, seems to have no discernable
talent whatsoever other than a fairly
tedious fascination with Bill Clinton's sex life. I don't
know, maybe she just has the hots for Bill herself?

Harley vs. GG? It's really no contest Joe - think about it.
At least on Byars we seem to agree ;)

As to why I don't post - I'm really swamped with stuff
most of the time lately. It's amazing how much work
3 kids can be. Oh, and I'm supposed to be holding down
a job too in the midst of domestic turbulence!

Anyway, what's the point?
As you note, all the people who used to be fun around
here seem to have withered away (or am I just being
nostalgic for a better FoRK that's never really existed?

As to Adam, I'm pretty sure Adam is dead. At least,
we could start a rumour like that. You know, like
McCartney was supposed to be dead and voiced over
on Magical Mystery Tour and Abbey Road and all that.
I bet Rifkin's been dead since long before he went
missing. The last 6 months of his posts were all forged.
It's a big conspiracy to have us all believe he was
alive and in Redmond at Gates house, when really he's
been stone cold and 6 feet under since February. Somebody
play back his posts backwards and at 2/3 speed and
you'll surely hear "I buried Adam. I buried Adam...."