Re: The [VOID] void

Tim Byars (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 08:42:37 -0800

At 2:13 PM +0100 12/4/98, Lloyd Wood did a no sell to the group with this:
> I'm happy to infer that Rohit might finally be getting a life
> he's comfortable with, although the real sign of that will be shutting
> FoRK down as unnecessary, distracting and irrelevant.


What the fuck is your major malfunction? Do you really think anyone on this
list gives a fuck what you think? Do you really think anyone on this list
thinks your anything but a total flaming asshole? Every time you post
anything it is the most negitive bullshit that I have ever seen. Why don't
you jump in front of a train to experience that?

Seriously you whining piece of shit, listen up. Your not wanted. People
find it offensive that you even read their posts. I can speak for Rohit
directly on this. Go away. Fuck off and die. Find somewhere else to play.
You are not a Friend of Rohit Khare. Rohit, Roy and myself sat around and
laughed at your pathetic ass last night. Go listen to your Falco records
and jack off.

Seriously, FUCK OFF.