Note: Suspend mode is known as "standby" in Windows98

Rohit Khare (
Sat, 05 Dec 1998 16:01:12 -0700

So I'm here at the Kettle in Manhattan Beach with my geeky advertising buddy
who thinks he's got this bad-ass 233MHz PII Dell Latitude CPI.

While it's true his wrist muscles are weaker -- from carrying that
featherweight 800x600 thimble instead of the True Leverage (TM) of a 9-lb
PowerBook -- he really isn't in a place to upstage my 24-bit QuickTime
trailer for A Bug's Life.

Because he can't wake it up again.


In addition to the usual ridiculous keycontortions of PC chording to even
stand-by to disk -- and the consequent minute-long wait to trickle 64Mb to a
dedicated partition -- it has NO discernable way of waking it back up.

Well, we'd be more sure if the labels on the box matched the labels in the
software matched the behaviors in the manual. But whatever it is -- standby
or suspend (or, for you old-timers, Expanded or Extended Memory) -- it
doesn't work.

Wide Awake,
Rohit Khare

PS. This whole post, of course, is to gloat over the UCI bureaucracy's
inexplicable supersonic leap-over-tall-paperwork-in-a-single-afternoon
effort to buy me a replacement 266MHz/14.1 G3 before the IETF meeting. And
to note that the only reason we're both sitting in this cafe,
lap-tete-au-lap-tete, is that I missed my flight to MCO to talk to Adam and
got bumped to Saturday night, losing an entire day's dose of the Happiest
Place On Earth.