Chris Olds (
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 23:36:40 -0800

C|Net says: to offer links to other retailers,4,29589,00.html will make use of its Junglee comparison-shopping technology
to allow customers to shop other sites on the Web. The company, however,
is so far keeping mum on details.

"We want to be a leading destination for e-commerce where people can buy
almost anything they want to buy on the Net," said spokesman Bill Curry

Curry said Amazon is not concerned that its shopping agent won't be
available for the prime retail season of the year, the pre-Christmas

"We don't want to do anything prematurely that would cause a
less-than-wonderful shopping experience," He said. "We're in this for
the long haul, not for
fourth-quarter sales." [...]


Yes, but this is FoRK, where the news happens early.

In reality, Shop the Web goes live at 12:01am, Tuesday Dec 8.

At least, that's what my source says.


"Why? Why not? After last week's conflagration, it's nice to know that
FoRK is still a few minutes (3%?) ahead of the rest of the world."