[Salon] Palm Pilots can be used to steal cars.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 22:27:05 -0800 (PST)

Now I definitely need to get a P3, Phil... it comes with all the cars
I can steal! No wonder 4 out of 5 grand auto thieves prefer the Palm
Pilots to WinCE devices...


Lycos, go get it! Hey, the power's finally back on in San Francisco...

> PalmPilot-assisted auto theft
> SALON | Dec. 8, 1998
> Attention, Palm owners worldwide -- your nifty organizer is also, it
> turns out, a great tool for breaking into cars.
> According to the New Scientist, a European computer journalist
> recently discovered that the infrared port of a PalmPilot could be
> used to break into cars with infrared remote-controlled locking
> systems. Using software that was written to enable Palm owners to
> remotely control their TV and VCR with the PalmPilot, the hand-held
> computer can apparently record the infrared "code" of a car's locking
> system. The PalmPilot can then unlock the car and disable the alarm by
> playing that code back.
> The problem has been reported in the United Kingdom, where the New
> Scientist article estimates that nearly 3 million cars could be
> vulnerable to the hack. No one has publicly determined the extent of
> the problem in the United States. Palm, however, isn't apologizing,
> especially since it didn't write the software that's being used.
> "We aren't responsible for third-party applications, though we think
> it's unfortunate that our product is being used for an illegal use,"
> says Palm PR manager Elizabeth Cardinale. But, she perks up, "there
> might be a good thing that will come of this. Say someone wanted to
> have the key to their car code stored in their PalmPilot, just in case
> they forget their keys." -- Janelle Brown

On the other hand, if some butt-head steals my P3, they get my car for
free. Imagine me trying to explain THAT one to the insurance agent...


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