Re: GeeK: Re: Palm Pilots can be used to steal cars.

Ryan P. Echlin (
Wed, 09 Dec 1998 11:32:07 -0500

Palm III's and related devices with IR capture capability also make
nifty Laser Tag guns. Just capture the 'Fire' signal from the gun, and
set Palm Pilot to 'stun.' Adding an IR booster made from a
phototransistor and a high output IR LED also helps.



Ryan P. Echlin -

Thom Brooks wrote:

> This is nothing new; we were playing with calculators like the HP48GX back in > high school to open people's Jeep Grand Cherokee's. For scientific purposes, > of course. ;) > > However, it did require that you posess the IR transmitter for at least a few > minutes, if you were lucky; recording the signal was not very easy to do. > > > > According to the New Scientist, a European computer journalist > > > recently discovered that the infrared port of a PalmPilot could be > > > used to break into cars with infrared remote-controlled locking > > > systems.