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Tim Byars (
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 20:48:48 -0800

> The Education/Consumer portable will not be announced
> at MacWorld. That is straight from the horse's mouth.

Yeah, since virtually every Mac web site has all the information already
what's the point?

> QuickTime 4.0 will be rolled out at MacWorld with live
> internet streaming.

Gee, and maybe mp3... Again, Apple get's a little success and starts
humping the dead horse that cost it $1 billion in R&D and pretty much sunk
it. Just get Real to port G2 to Mac.

> Comments on the recent AOL/Netscape buyout:
> AOL bought Netscape to get NetCenter's eyeballs.
> AOL got Netscape's enterprise solutions in the deal,
> but didn't really want them, thus the Sun involvement.
> Sun will take care of the enterprise solutions
> products.
> What will happen to Netscape Communicator? He didn't
> really comment, but his response indicated that he
> thought the deal really was about NetCenter and nothing
> else.
> I guess Communicator is still an integral part of the
> enterprise solutions, but I'm not counting on it
> remaining competitive with Explorer in the consumer
> channel. It all depends on AOL and we all know that
> they are currently shipping with Explorer..

Don't see that happening. Again my favorite quote of all time from David
Lee Roth, "if the poster is hangin' on the wall, the album is in the rack."
AOL is not going to want you to surf over to NetCenter with Exploder. That
is clearly what "branding" is all about. "We like the fact that you buy
Nike shoes, but we don't care if you wear Adidas clothes." Yeah right..

> Jobs was abundantly clear on his view of TV/PC
> convergence: Not going to happen.

I've been saying this for a long time. So why is Apple still wasting it's
time/money on Video shit? Is it really that hard to see Digital Computer
Video = TV/PC. The high end market is already set and the home market just
isn't there. Other than crappy little spappy devices. Not that many people
have good looking wifes.

> Commenting on the lack of interest in MacOS among young
> people, Jobs said that gaming was the key here, and
> that there were massive efforts underway at Apple to
> bring gaming back. Especially that the graphics will
> blow away PCs.

Only part of it. The best thing I've heard in a long time is the supposed
PlayStation emulation on a Mac. But of course since I'm sitting here
listening to a home brew mp3/CD of every album recorded by Soundgarden I
guess that doesn't matter either.

> Rumors of the death of HyperCard are "total bullshit."
> Again, straight from the horses mouth.

My one question is this. Why did nobody and I mean nobody create a
Hypercard Stack -> .html converter? Please someone explain that one to me.

> AppleWorks is being worked on/improved upon so it does
> have a future. However, Jobs pushed their partnership
> with Microsoft and the quality of Office at several
> points.

AppleWorks? huh?

> Jobs had no answers on the future of Emailer ("I don't
> know").

A lot of people love e-mailer and the Microsoft shit crashes all the time.
For the sake of the users it should be supported. Upgrade it for full 8.5
compatibility and give away v2.3 (2.5?) for a New Year's present. Minimal
effort, maximum gain.

> Judging by Jobs' response to a question about Newtons,
> they are at the end of their life. It did not sound
> like rumors of the consumer portable MacOS being able
> to run the Newton would come true.

Newton what? Certainly not the 130 model which has the largest installed
base. Prolly the 2K, which at this point is a waste of time. If your going
to shoot the horse, shoot it and let it rot.


I know that, you know that, it's Apple that doesn't know that.

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