Looking for Quotations about Internet

Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (reagle@law.harvard.edu)
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 15:01:16 -0500

There are many quotation resources on the Internet. But I'm looking for a
good resource for quotations about the Internet itself. Feel free to poin=
me in the right direction, or send me your entries (if I can't find one,
I'll put up a page myself).

Internet Quotation Appendix
"Rough consensus and running code." IETF Credo, David Clark (MIT).
"The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it." John Gilm=
Variant: "The Internet interprets the US Congress as system damageand
routes around it." [Apparently Jeanne DeVoto.] This quote is probably the
one most subject to variations.
"In Cyberspace, the First Amendment is a local ordinance." John Perry Bar=
(EFF) [source]
"On the Internet, Nobody Knows You=92re a Dog." Peter Steiner. The New Yo=
page 61 of July 5 (Vol.69 (LXIX) no. 20), 1993. [graphic] (Many varients
including cartoons.)
"A Superhighway through the Wasteland?" Mitchell Kapor and Jerry Berman. =
York Times Op-Ed Page, Wednesday, November 24, 1993.
"Usenet: the Global Watering Hole." EFF's Extended Internet Guide.
"There's a lot of weirdos on the Internet." -- Miss Texas Teen USA (durin=
1998 pageant). [unconfirmed source]
"The Internet isn't free. It just has an economy that makes no sense to
capitalism." Brad Shapcott. Rule $19.99 of Usenet Rules (Net.Legends FAQ)
"Cyberspace undeniably reflects some form of geography." Justice O'Connor.
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